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Sealcoating, sometimes called pavement sealing, is the process of applying a layer of sealant (usually an asphalt, tar, or petroleum base) that helps the existing asphalt last longer and perform to its maximum capability. It also helps it to be more protected from the elements like rain water and UV rays, and stand up to the wear and tear of vehicle traffic. Sealcoating is an essential step to take anytime you are paving with asphalt if you want to get the longest life and best performance out of it.

Our most common jobsite we work on are parking lots, and though they’re everywhere and an essential part of our modern society, they’re often overlooked and neglected. Your parking lot says a lot about your company as a whole. Often it’s your customer’s first interaction with your business and will set the tone for how their experience begins. Do you want them to pull into a crumbling, dull parking lot with lines and direction signing that’s barely visible? Of course not! That’s where Columbus Sealcoating Pros can help you out.

Sealcoating is our number one business and we take pride in the work we do. Our team members are highly trained and skilled at their jobs, and you can rest assured that you will get a quality sealcoating experience when you hire Columbus Sealcoating Pros for your next job. We’re able to take on projects big or small, and for residential or commercial customers in and around the Columbus OH area. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about the sealcoating process, the materials we use, or to get an estimate of how much your project may cost. Call us today at 614-414-3629 to get started and we’ll connect you with one of our experienced team members.

We can help you with any sealcoating project you may have like parking lot sealcoating, parking lot striping, parking lot restriping, parking lot asphalt repair, parking lot concrete repair, warehouse striping, warehouse marking, or commercial sealcoating.

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Benefits of Sealcoating:

Increases Lifespan

The number one reason you should consider regular, professional sealcoating is to extend the life of your existing asphalt parking lot. Sealcoating protects the asphalt that you currently have and prevents the elements and vehicular wear and tear from deteriorating it. The best way to get the longest life out of your asphalt is to keep it sealed and have the work done by a quality sealcoating contractor.

Prevents Water Damage

Water damage is one of the major ways that asphalt and concrete can deteriorate over time. Water is not only an issue from the top down like rain, sleet, or snow, but it is also a problem from the bottom up. If the ground underneath your pavement gets too wet and your asphalt has not been properly laid or sealed, it can start soaking up the water from below which will cause cracking and decay. Furthermore, trapped water will expand when frozen and break apart the asphalt from the inside. When it warms up again, it deflates and causes damage like potholes.

Sealcoating will protect the top layer of your asphalt by adding a tough surface to repel the water and keep it from draining into the asphalt, but it will also help drain the water away from the pavement and direct it into adjacent vegetation where it can be absorbed into the ground. This way, the water will not be able to pool up under the asphalt and cause it harm.

Protects Asphalt from Spills

Depending on what your asphalt surface is being used for, it is very common to see spills like gas, oil, and other chemicals that will damage your asphalt and cause it to lose its structural integrity. By applying a sealcoat, these inevitable spills will cause less damage, and will be easier to clean up when they do happen.

Saves Money

A complete repaving of a warehouse or parking lot can be very expensive. On the other hand, the price per square foot you will pay for a quality resealing job will be pennies on the dollar. By investing a fraction of the cost of a new repaving periodically, you will save thousands over the life of your asphalt. If you keep your asphalt sealed, you will see less damage by environmental elements, vehicle traffic, and chemical spills all of which will decrease the lifespan of your pavement and cause you to repave more often. It’s simple - sealcoating saves you money!

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