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Parking Lot Sealcoating In Columbus OH

Parking lots are so ubiquitous in our modern society that they often go unnoticed, yet we use them all the time. Whether we’re pulling into the grocery store, the doctors office, or our places of business, there’s not anyone among us who doesn’t routinely use parking lots. We’d also wager that not many of those drivers who frequently use the lots think about the amount of work that goes into building and maintaining them. Here at Columbus Sealcoating Pros we know exactly what goes into it, and we’re here to help you with your next parking lot sealcoating job.

Parking lots are easy to overlook in terms of maintenance and upkeep. People traditionally don’t drive too fast on them, and afterall, they're only used to park your car on - why worry? Well, a neglected asphalt or concrete parking lot can turn into a real headache over time if the right attention isn’t paid to it. Over time the protective properties that were once in the asphalt will begin to deteriorate and it sets off a chain reaction of detrimental effects.

First, the asphalt itself will begin to crumble as the oil that once worked as the binding agent between the different components begins to dry out and oxidize. This results in cracking, crumbling, and chipping away of the rocks and sand that make it up. Once this happens, you now have hazards in the driveway that can damage vehicles and potentially cause accidents. Each year, tens of thousands of accidents happen in parking lots because drivers are less cautious and more likely to be distracted and do things like use their phones.

Furthermore, once the asphalt begins splitting, it is more susceptible to rain water and UV rays that will continue to break down the pavement. As water seeps in it collects under the asphalt and is unable to drain away as initially intended. This results in new vegetation that grows under and up through the parking lot and will soon cause more cracking, displacement, and dangers to the drivers. Additionally, trapped water will expand when frozen causing even more damage to the pavement including potholes.

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How We Can Help

The good news is there’s something to be done about all this! The other good news is that it’s a relatively easy, quick, and cost effective process that will ensure you’ll get the longest life out of your parking lot and that you'll save money upfront and in the long run. Call our team of experts today for a consultation on your next parking lot sealcoating project. We’ll walk you through our basic procedure and break down the timeline and costs in an upfront and transparent way. Each job has its own set of challenges, so we’ll typically require one of our technicians to visit the site to assess the current damage and determine the best course of action for repairing it.

Step One

First, we clean up the parking lots site. This includes cutting back grass and other vegetation that could be growing on or around the parking lot. It’s essential that this is taken care of at the outset to reduce the risk of future vegetation causing damage to the asphalt, and ensuring our sealcoat makes its way to every square inch of pavement.

Step Two

Next, we meticulously prepare the surface. We do this by not only clearing away all the dirt and debris from your parking lot, but also by power washing the surface to ensure the sealant has the cleanest surface to adhere to. If there are any old oil or gas spills, we’ll apply a special primer to them so they won’t interfere with the effectiveness of our sealing process.

Step Three

Finally, we’re ready to seal. Depending upon the size of the job or the specific area we’re targeting, we’ll either use a brush or a sprayer to apply the sealant. We always use two coats of sealant for maximum results, and it’s crucial that this be done by professionals who know the correct setting times, and when the right time is to start applying the second coat.

We always clean up our workspace thoroughly so you won’t even know we’ve been there (except by the fact that you’ll have a beautiful new parking lot to use). We’re happy to offer our painting and parking lot striping services in addition to the sealcoating, so you will have a fully completed project by the time we leave. We’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to.

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