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Parking Lot Asphalt And Concrete Repair In Columbus OH

While we know that parking lot sealcoating is an essential part of upkeep, we also know that sometimes parking lots need more help upfront before they can be properly sealcoated. That’s why we're happy to offer our services for parking lot asphalt repair and parking lot concrete repair. We’re glad to offer consultations before we begin work to determine what kind of repair work your parking lot needs. Contact us today for a free estimate and to get started.

Maybe you‘ve recently purchased a commercial property that wasn’t maintained and now you’ve got a falling apart parking lot to deal with. Or, maybe you’ve neglected the regular work on your parking lot, and now it feels overwhelming and like you’ve let it go too long. Whatever the case, we’re here to help. We know how challenging it can be to take care of parking lots, but we also know that regular upkeep and maintenance will go a long way toward saving you money now and in the future.

Why Parking Lots Needs Regular Maintenance

Even the best poured asphalt and concrete will eventually need maintenance and upkeep. Over time environmental factors like rain water, harsh sun and UV rays, snow, sleet, and hail can have detrimental effects on your parking lot, especially if it has not been properly sealed or cared for. Additionally, vegetation that is growing on, around, or underneath your parking lot can continue to grow and displace the concrete slabs or asphalt pours. This will cause cracking, bulges, and potholes which will only get worse with time.

Concrete and asphalt will also deteriorate over time on their own. The oils in asphalt will slowly start to dry out and break apart, thus displacing the components within the asphalt that they are holding together. This will cause pisces of the asphalt to dislodge and break off from your parking lot. A good indication that your asphalt parking lot needs attention is when it starts to turn a dull grey color. Brand new and freshly sealcoated asphalt will have the deep black look that tells you it will perform at its highest capacity.

Concrete will also deteriorate over time as it becomes drier and starts cracking and splitting due to repeated exposure to the elements, and due to roots and vegetation. Once the cracks appear, they let in more rainwater which exacerbates the problem as the concrete becomes waterlogged, and the increased moisture creates a perfect environment for more plant growth.

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How We Can Help


Sealcoating is our main business but we'll never recommend a complete sealcoating job, if a few repairs are all you need. We know the value and effectiveness of sealcoating based on our years of experience, but we also know that not all our customers are in the right place for a bigger job like this. If you are, however, we would love to provide you with our services.

Fixing Cracks

Cracking in pavement occurs for similar reasons that potholes do, but they are also very common when you have uncontrolled vegetation that grows alongside or underneath your pavement. The growth of these plants pushes against the concrete or asphalt and displaces it, thus cracking it. Cracks can be a safety concern for people, but they also put your parking lot at risk for further damage because they allow more rainwater to seep in causing more damage.

Filling Potholes

One of the biggest problems people face with parking lots are potholes. Not only are potholes an eye sore, but they can also cause damage to your customer’s cars and are a safety concern. Potholes can occur for a number of reasons, but the main one has to do with water that is absorbed in the concrete or asphalt and the groundwater underneath. When this water freezes, it expands and pushes out on the pavement and breaks it apart. When the water warms up again, it essentially deflates the area and the broken apart pavement sinks resulting in a pothole. It’s best to get these filled in right away so they don’t become a bigger problem.

Replacing Pavement

Sometimes the only thing to do is to remove a section of pavement completely and start again from scratch. If your concrete or asphalt is damaged beyond repair, our team will help out with full demolition and clean up of the existing pavement, and then with pouring and sealing the new section to ensure it sits flush with the existing, undamaged lot.

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