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While we love helping out all our customers, residential and commercial alike, we know that our commercial customers have different needs and priorities when it comes to sealcoating jobs for their businesses. We’re sensitive to these requirements and have the experience you can trust when you hire us for your next sealcoating job.

Sealcoating surfaces, especially an asphalt parking lot, is a big job and is necessary for a number of reasons. You’re not only looking to beautify your property, but you’re also concerned with the safety of your customers and employees, and the functionality of your job site.

Benefits of Sealcoating for Commercial Customers

Safety - This is probably the most important factor for all our commercial customers and business owners we do work for. Ensuring safety for your customers, employees, contractors, and any one who steps foot on your property is of paramount importance and should not be overlooked. Usually, the first experience your employees and customers have with your business is when they drive on to your property or campus and enter the parking lot. It seems so trivial, but so much can happen in a parking lot and by choosing a professional sealcoating company to maintain it, you’re ensuring everyone is safe from the minute they arrive.

A correctly sealcoated parking lot not only looks good, but it will help prevent accidents and will ensure traffic flow goes as it should. Sealcoating helps patch and prevent cracks, chipping, and other degradation your asphalt can go through due to weather and wear and tear. After we have sealcoated your parking lot it will be rich, black color. We will then repaint the parking stripes and directional markings which will now be highly visible. All of this ensures the safest possible environment for everyone.

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Value - The cost of repaving an entire parking lot is huge. The price tag will not only be high, but the money you’ll lose by having to shut down while the work is being performed will also affect your bottom line. The best way to guard against the need for a complete repaving is to have your parking lot periodically sealcoated by a professional company. This will increase the lifespan of your parking lot and the cost to you will be a fraction of what you would pay for a complete repave.

Concrete and asphalt can both have very long lifespans and can be a cost effective material, but only if they are cared for and maintained correctly. When you call Columbus Sealcoating Pros you know you’ll be putting your money to the best use possible. You’ll benefit from our years of experience because we know what to do to make your pavement last longest and how to save you money.

Durability - It’s clear that sealcoating makes your parking lot look better - that deep, rich black color with freshly painted lines will increase the curb appeal of your building. This is important, but it’s not the only reason our customers choose our company and our sealcoating services for their commercial projects. Sealcoating increases the durability of your pavement in three main ways:

1. Protection from UV Rays - Not many people think of the sun as being harmful to an asphalt or concrete parking lot, but over time UV rays can cause a lot of damage to your pavement. The UV rays cause the oils in your asphalt to dry out and the surface to oxidize. Because of this, they aren’t able to act as the binding agent and the asphalt will start to break apart. By routinely sealing your pavement, you can stop the harmful effects of UV rays and extend the life of your asphalt.

2. Protection from Rain Water - Rain water (and snow, sleet, and hail) can cause major structural damage to your pavement. When water is allowed to seep in it encourages vegetation to grow around and under it which will eventually push up and displace the asphalt and you’ll see cracking and chipping. Water also freezes when trapped inside pavement and when this happens it expands and breaks apart its components. When it warms up again, the pavement contracts and this results in potholes. Sealcoating can keep the water out of your asphalt and divert it away from your parking lot.

3. Protection from Chemical Spills - Chemical, gas, and oil spills are common in parking lots and can damage the pavement and be safety risks. When you sealcoat the area these spills will be unable to penetrate the pavement and will be less likely to harm it.

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